Aarrgh, computer glitches are the worst…

My WordPress blog had a catastrophic failure last night and I thought I lost it all. Took me all day to get it restored to at least the version it was just before the new year.  Granted I have been terrible at updating this thing but it had at least more recent content then what is showing. So if I re-post some stuff that you think you maybe say recently well I apologize in advance.

Lesson learned: backup everything that you have an option to back up, if you use WordPress or host your own site. That’s databases, site files, etc… That way you can at least get it close to what it was without having to reinvent the wheel…  Well i aim to get this all back up and running and I will again make an effort to update this site with my doings and what-nots… Now my main website… That is definitely needing an update….

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