Earning money while sitting at home….

So lately I’ve got it in my head to try to earn monies and whatnot in my spare time at home using the web and perusing the various sites I can find… I mean who couldn’t use a little spare money in their pocket.

I will try to document the process and the various sites I find…

The site I am going to show today is called Swagbucks and you can earn gift cards by watching videos and answering quick surveys and polls. Here is a link if you want to check it out..

The morning after…

Feeling a little rough today after the wonderful holiday party yesterday but I made the wise decision to stay at the Red Rocks Resort last night. Even though I had a bit of a headache to start the day I can’t complain about the view.

View from my hotel room the dayafter UFC holiday party


It’s going to be sooooo happening later


Preparations for the post UFC Town Hall meeting party are under way

I love Vegas branding…

I love all the unique signs and branding that you will see around Las Vegas… Case in point – The D πŸ˜‰
Fun day today, we Are currently in rehearsal for our UFC Town Hall meeting taking place today downtown. This is in a sense our state of the union address where we talk about the pay year and also the future year to come.
All that is followed by a fun little soiree out back with music and food. I’ll try to post some pics later.

How sweet it is! Great fights and my Buckeyes are rocking it.

First of two championship fights! #shoulderpumpin #every4monthswehang #justhatinonshiz  #asrealasitgets #iluvkatkats #she❀'sme

How great is tonight. Spectacular fights, great seats, wonderful companion with me, and my Buckeyes
are kicking ass. Unfortunately my tv app keeps freezing so I’m having to stay up to date on my cbs sports app. #GoBucks #Buckeyes

What a day! It’s Fight Day and my Buckeyes compete for the Big Ten Championship!

Today being a Saturday, it already has a step up and above most other days – especially when I have it off!

Today’s Agenda:

1) Drink Coffee

2) Photo Scanning Project. I recently went home for Thanksgiving and brought back a ton of photos I took over the years and had in storage.

3) Watch College football – Unfortunately my #Buckeyes play at the same time as the fights, so I will be watching on my phone as I watch the FOX Sports 1 Prelims

4) Attending UFC 181 at Mandalay Bay – you can watch the prelims on FOX Sports 1 or on Fight Pass Buy the PPV so you can tune in to watch the two title fights tonight. It is going to be one heck of a night of fights. This card is sick!

I’m super excited for all the great action taking place today and I’m excited to reconnect with the memories of the past as I start my scanning project. Hopefully the memories will spark the fire to reconnect with the people who helped to give me the memories. And I hope it helps to bring back music into my life which shaped a large portion of my life and in large part to why I am me. I haven’t played in years and it is something that quietly has been eating away at my soul, my mojo, my… me for all words and purpose. But that my friends is for another blog.

Brothers_little_league football

Enjoy your day and here is a little family gem of a scan I just did. Me and my two brothers when we played little league football and my oldest bro helped coach.

Almost time to the UFC 181 weigh-ins


Here is my vantage point where I will be getting some crowd and stage shots for the highlight video to come out later today. I’ll put a link when it comes out later

Site Spotlight

This is a good friend’s site and he is doing incredible things to help people get and stay healthy. Check him out.


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