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What’s everyone doing for New Year’s?

I’ll be here in #Vegas doing #UFC182 fight stuff during the day but might be able to sneak away in the evening for a few hours for some fun.

What great things are you getting into?

Are you taking it easy and easing in the New Year with friends and/or loved ones?

I’d love to hear what everyone is doing and if you happen be in or near Vegas I’d love some suggestions for some fun things to get into New Year’s Eve night.

P.S. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or Holiday season so far. I know I had a great time with my family and hope to do it again soon.

#CheckMyVid – CB Dollaway interview on UFC.com

Hey I’m in the business of making vids to promote the upcoming fights…. Might as well promote them here as well… I will try to do this more often and I will use a hashtag to help promote it

-Role: Editor

The morning after…

Feeling a little rough today after the wonderful holiday party yesterday but I made the wise decision to stay at the Red Rocks Resort last night. Even though I had a bit of a headache to start the day I can’t complain about the view.

View from my hotel room the dayafter UFC holiday party